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Wednesday 18th April 2018

MWT's Lara Howe & Tony Glen from the SPMCEMWT's Lara Howe & Tony Glen from the SPMCE

Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) and Department of Environment Food and Agriculture (DEFA) held a presentation at Douglas Bay Yacht Club on Tuesday 27th March 2018 on aquatic invasive species. Dr Jan Gledhill, of DEFA, provided information on freshwater species followed by Dr Lara Howe, MWT, on marine species.

The aim of the evening was to raise awareness about invasive non-native species and the impacts they can have on the environment and economy. Additionally, how people can do their part to stop their spread. Downloadable leaflets are available on MWT website - Samples of invasive species were also available on the night for people to look at.

The evening also launched Manx Wildlife Trust’s second edition of their marine invasive ID guides. The guides were created to help the public to recognise these species and report their sightings back to MWT or DEFA. The guides are free and anyone is welcome to collect one from MWT shop in Peel and various other locations around the Island. This has been possible due to financial support from the Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment who have sponsored the guides. The President of the Society, Tony Glen, received his copy from MWT marine officer, Lara Howe, on Monday 9th April in Peel (see image).

Lara Howe said “Invasive species are one of the biggest threats to biodiversity around the world, not just the Island so we all need to do our bit to stop their spread. We are lucky on the Island that the few species we do have are not currently causing significant harm but this could change.”

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