• Heavy losses of seal pups on the Calf of Man

    Friday 20th October, 2017

    Grey seal pup

    48% suspected loss of seal pups on the Calf of Man after Ophelia hit earlier this week.

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  • Grey seals will start pupping soon

    Friday 22nd September, 2017

    Grey seal pup

    Grey seals will be starting to pup over the next few weeks.

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  • ASSI Fact File: Mooragh Shore, Ramsey

    Thursday 7th September, 2017

    Ramsey North Shore ASSI by Dawn Dickens

    Find out more about the flora and fauna living in this special area by using our spotter sheet.

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  • Hats off to these WILD Schools!

    Sunday 3rd September, 2017

    Summer may be over, but these schools are finding ways to stay WILD and help Manx nature.

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  • Nature Nearby is our Natural Health Service

    Thursday 31st August, 2017

    Having healthy natural spaces nearby is important for our mental and physical health.

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  • Reserve Fact File: Ballachurry Nature Reserve

    Monday 28th August, 2017

    Loosestrife © Sheila Norris

    Learn about this fantastic wetland & wildflower nature reserve and spot the wonderful wildlife with our Spotter Sheet

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  • Work With Us: Marketing & Membership Manager

    Thursday 24th August, 2017

    We're looking for a Marketing & Membership Manager to Join our Team

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  • Volunteer Opportunity to Study Wild Seals

    Friday 18th August, 2017

    This Autumn Manx Wildlife Trust will be carrying out seal surveys on the Calf of Man and around the Isle of Man. We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us collect important data.

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  • Wave Goodbye to Waste, Say Hello to Wildlife

    Tuesday 15th August, 2017

    Manx Wildlife Trust want to see simple steps like a Voluntary Plastic Bag Levy to help stop the plastic threats to our marine life. Wildlife Gift Shop in Peel is also getting in on the action, and will be giving away specially designed REUSABLE COTTON bags when customers spend £10 or more on their fantastic range of merchandise.

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  • Reserve Fact File: Cronk y Bing Nature Reserve

    Monday 7th August, 2017

    Learn about this fantastic coastal nature reserve and spot the wonderful wildlife with our Spotter Sheet

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