Outdoor Learning

We have a strong commitment getting kids outdoors learning about and enjoying nature

Our Biodiversity Education Officer, Dawn Dickens, works to encourage a greater understanding of biodiversity and the everyday steps we can all take to ensure it is better protected, both locally and globally. 

In the community
Life-long learning about the environment is a must! It’s never too late to find out more about the world we live in, and how we can do our bit to protect it.

Pupils from Sulby School look out over the Ayres By encouraging everyone - young and old - to get closer to nature we all gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of the natural world and our place within it.

Dawn organises a whole range of events for all ages, from blackberry picking to wallaby walks, through bat-box building to Christmas-themed workshops!

In schools
It’s vital that the importance of the environment reaches the younger generations too!

Each year the Trust educates and inspires thousands of school-age children working with teachers to provide informative, interactive indoor and outdoors events organised for school classes, Scouts and Guide packs, church groups and more. Popular events include building bug hotels, making bird boxes and pond dipping.

On the curriculum
Dawn works with teachers and other education providers to develop a range of education resources and information to help integrate issues of biodiversity into the Manx school curriculum.

RookpoolingWildlife Watch
Run by the Wildlife Trusts, Watch is the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids. It encourages awareness of nature and positive feelings for the world we live in, increasing understanding of our environment and fostering a caring attitude towards wildlife and conservation.

You can become a Wildlife Watch member, attend our special local Watch events and get involved online too -- find out more

Biodiversity is…
Biodiversity, or biological diversity, means all the diverse living things - us, plants, animals - and the natural landscapes (or ecosystems) in which we live -- seas, rainforests, tundra, meadows - and how they all interact with each other.
A diverse number of species and habitats ensure a healthy planet - something we must all strive for. The choices we make in our everyday lives, from the food we eat to the holidays we take, impact on biodiversity.

Get in touch!
If you’d like to organise a visit to your school, your activity group or meeting to talk about the importance of the island’s biodiversity, please contact Dawn, by phone: (01624) 844432 or (07624) 324306 or by email: dawn@manxwt.org.uk

The Biodiversity Education Officer’s post is supported by the Trust and the Departments of Education & Children (DEC) and of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).