Leaving a gift for wildlife in your will is one of the most thoughtful ways to help Manx Wildlife Trust safeguard our Island's natural heritage for future generations.

A gift in your will is a wonderful way to help Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) safeguard Manx wildlife and wild places for generations to come.

Legacies, or gifts in wills, are a very important source of income for the charity. They enable MWT to plan for the longer term and carry out work which might otherwise be impossible. 

A gift in your will can help Manx Wildlife Trust
• Buy and manage nature reserves for the benefit of both wildlife and people
• Protect plants, animals and habitats
• Inspire children and adults to value and protect wildlife
• Campaign on behalf of wildlife and their habitats
• Support volunteers to conserve local places of conservation value

Making a will
By making a will, you can be sure that your property and possessions are shared out in a way that reflects your real wishes. You can leave a gift, or legacy, in a number of ways:
• As a cash gift (a pecuniary legacy)
• As a gift of specific property, for example, land, a painting or jewellery (a specific bequest)
• As a gift from your remaining estate (all or part) after all debts, costs and other gifts have been deducted (a residuary request) 

Contact an advocate to help you with this process. If you already have a will but then decide to make a gift, you can add a codicil to your will, setting out how you would like the organisation or person to benefit.

A free service to add a codicil to your will is provided at Corlett Bolton’s offices in Peel, Douglas or Port St Mary, should you wish to leave a lasting legacy or donation to Manx Wildlife Trust. Please contact the company direct to obtain the form which should be signed in one of their offices. MWT is very grateful to Corlett Bolton for offering this service. 

A gift in your will is a lasting legacy for Manx wildlife and wild places.

Our lasting legacy leaflet can be downloaded below.

For more information and to discuss, in confidence, how your gift might be used to protect Manx wildlife for the future, contact Dr Tim Graham, MWT Chief Executive on 01624 844432 or email tim@manxwt.org.uk

Thank you for your support.


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