Advocacy & Policy

Ladybird © Dawn Monrose

MWT works with politicans, landowners and farmers

Our island’s wildlife is very precious to us and one of the key aims of Manx Wildlife Trust is to protect it for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Trust staff are always on-hand to speak up for wildlife!

The Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tim Graham, and his team regularly raise awareness of local wildlife-related issues with Trust members, government officials and members of the public.


The Trust's Biodiversity Education Officer, Dawn Dickens, works in the community to encourage a greater understanding of biodiversity and the everyday steps we can all take to ensure it is better protected, both locally and globally.  A major part of her role is liaising with and supporting teachers, children's groups, parents and children to ensure the biodiversity message reaches the younger generations through its inclusion in the school curriculum.  

The post, supported by the Trust and the Departments of Education & Children (DEC) and of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA), is helping to implement the environmental education aspects of the Isle of Man government's Biodiversity Strategy.

Consultations & Planning

Trust staff and supporters also take the opportunity to respond to government consultations with respect to local planning and various other matters that may have an impact on wildlife and actively promote the Wildlife Trusts’ Living Landscapes and Living Seas initiatives whenever possible.

Contact your MHK

If you'd like to contact your elected Member of the House of Keys about wildlife or environmental issues, you can find their contact details on the Tynwald website.