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Manx Wildlife Trust ~ Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin

Manx Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation charity on the Isle of Man. We protect Manx wildlife by creating Living Landscapes, Living Seas and fostering a society where nature matters.

We conserve some of the best habitats and species on the island and at sea by:

  • Acquiring land for nature reserves to act as safe sites for wildlife;
  • Working with Government, landowners and other partners to manage the land and sea for the benefit of wildlife and Manx people;
  • Inspiring people to engage with nature and understand why it matters
  • Taking action for wildlife through advocacy and initiating projects for species recovery and proactive research.

 This work is carried out by MWT’s small and expert, team of dedicated staff, and overseen by a Council of Trustees. We are lucky to be able to rely on a group of passionate volunteers who dedicate over 15,000 hours per year of their time towards our conservation work. 

As a Manx charity MWT also benefits from its partnership with 46 other Wildlife Trusts throughout the British Isles.

Our Strategy




We are nature's champions

We are the largest conservation charity on the Isle of Man with over 40 years of conservation experience, working to deliver its vision so that the Isle of Man is rich in wildlife, for everyone, valued by all. 

We are major force in protecting and promoting wildlife and wild places in the Isle of Man:

Landowners: managing 24 local nature reserves, encompassing almost 300 acres of land, two visitor centres and one shop.

Consultants: advising landowners about best practice and providing surveys and information.

Educators: engaging individuals, companies, politicians and government departments about the importance of our environment and of the urgent need to protect it.

But most of all, we are promoters and champions of the wonderful wildlife and habitats in, on and around our island.

Our office, situated above our Wildlife Shop, is based in Market Place, Peel.


Registered Charity No 225 IOM ~~ Registered Company No 5297 IOM