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The Manx Wildlife Trust ~ Treisht Vanninagh Y Doogys Feie

The Manx Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation charity in the Isle of Man, caring for land, sea and fresh water environments.

Whilst we are a fully independent Manx charity, we also benefit from our partnership with 46 other Wildlife Trusts throughout the British Isles.

One of our main aims is to acquire and manage nature reserves and safe sites for wildlife, conserving some of the best habitats and species on the island.

The Trust has a small staff and a group of trustees. We're lucky to be able call on a dedicated group of volunteers who help out with a number of tasks, from office work to practical conservation tasks, we are very grateful to them for their support.

A major force in protecting and promoting wildlife and wild places in the Isle of Man.

We are:

Landowners: managing 22 local nature reserves, encompassing almost 300 acres of land, two visitor centres and one shop.

Funders and managers of Manx Basking Shark Watch: a project set-up to monitor the movements, log sightings, carry out research and inform and educate about these magnificent, endangered animals.

Project managers of bird and land managers on the Calf of Man: an important bird sanctuary off the southerly tip of the island, in conjunction with Manx National Heritage and Manx Birdlife.

Consultants: advising landowners about best practice and providing surveys and information.

Educators: engaging individuals, companies, politicians and government departments about the importance of our environment and of the urgent need to protect it.

But most of all, we are promoters and champions of the wonderful wildlife and habitats in, on and around our island.

Our office, situated above our Wildlife shop, is based in Market Place, Peel.

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