Creative Conservation

Wildflowers of Mann has its own wildflower nursery at Mullen-y-Cloie, St Johns.

The nursery helps us in our mission to help create, restore and manage our native habitats such as woodlands, meadows and wetlands.

Over the years we have helped create dozens of wildflower meadows and provided advice to farmers, schools, local authorities and householders across the Island.

If you want help creating wildlife rich habitats in your garden or farm, contact us. Our preliminary advice is free.

The Mullen-y-Cloie Meadow Experiment

At our nursery at Mullen-y-Cloie we have over an acre of wildflower meadow that we created in four different ways in autumn 2008.

We will manage the four areas of the meadow in the same way for ten years to find out what is the best and most cost effective way of creating a new meadow.

As the years progress we are starting to see that by simply sowing some native parasitic annual plants into established grassland we are getting a meadow almost as interesting as that created from an expensive wildflower seed mix.

The final results will be ready in 2018.