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Dalby Mountain Moorland

Traditional heather moorland with western gorse and plenty of birds

Habitats: Wet and dry dwarf shrub heath, blanket bog, marshy grassland and scrub.

Notable species: Breeding red grouse, hen harrier, bog asphodel and heath and common-spotted orchid, northern marsh orchid and adder’s-tongue fern.

Description: The reserve is traditional heather moorland, sandwiched between two conifer plantations and bisected by the A27 public road. It comprises 5% of the island's wet heath.

Heather and cross-leaved heath with some purple moor grass and rushes dominate the wet heath. The bog has abundant Sphagnum moss and bog asphodel.

The dry heath is dominated by bell heather, heather and western gorse.


Grassland along the roadside verge and track adds considerably to the diversity of this site. In addition to the grouse and hen harriers, snipe and curlew may be observed.


The area was liable to have become planted with conifers to link adjoining plantations and was bought by the Trust in 1995, with a grant from WWF, to prevent destruction of the moorland habitats. A public road and a public footpath cross the reserve.

Management: Dalby Mountain is managed within the Southern Uplands heath where blocks of heather are managed in rotation to create a mosaic of heather stands of different ages.

A Code of Practice controls burning and there are further restrictions on the reserve due to the proximity of the plantations. The wet parts of the site are not burned. Shooting is prohibited.

Species and habitats

Grassland, Heathland

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Dalby to Round Table Road (A27)
Isle of Man
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SC 233 769
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Apr - Sep
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28.00 hectares

Certain areas are restricted. Contact the Trust for more information
Off the junction with the Eary Cushlin track
Dogs must be on lead
Reserve manager
Tricia Sayle, Reserves Officer
Tel: 01624 844432