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Curragh Feeagh

The watershed of two tributaries this reserve is known in gaelic as Raven’s Marsh

Habitats: Curragh (willow scrub), damp hay meadow, heath, marshy grassland, rank grassland and bracken.

Notable species: Adder's tongue fern, ragged robin, common and heath spotted-orchid.

Description: Curragh Feeagh is Gaelic for Raven's marsh. This small reserve is at the watershed of the tributaries of the River Neb and Glen Mooar.

Occasionally, hen harrier and merlin are seen passing through the reserve and breeding species probably include willow warbler, whitethroat and reed bunting.

The western half of the reserve lies either side of a stream in the floor of a shallow valley and is waterlogged for much of the year. The small stream carries a steady trickle of water out of the reserve southwards towards Glen Helen.

This area is a mosaic of marshy grassland, curragh, rank grassland and a small area of heather. The marshy grassland is dominated by rushes or tussock-forming purple moor grass with marsh cinquefoil, marsh thistle, devil's bit scabious, greater birdsfoot trefoil and tufted vetch. There’s also an interesting mixture of rushes, sedges and grasses. The curragh is dominated by grey and eared willow but osier is also present.

The eastern part of the reserve is an open, wet meadow of marshy grassland which in summer is an attractive and colourful mix of yellow rattle, knapweed, selfheal, meadow vetchling and devil’s-bit scabious. Common spotted and heath spotted-orchids are also frequent.

Management: The open meadow is mown annually when conditions allow and this maintains its floristic diversity.

Extensive efforts have been made to control bracken and two areas in the western half of the site are strimmed annually and the vegetation removed to increase and thence maintain diversity.

The numerous ditches and the small stream are maintained throughout the year.

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