Inspiring people

Inspiring people is an important part of the work that Manx Wildlife Trust undertakes, whether it is working with schools, community groups or the general public. This is a year round programme, come rain or shine, with educational activities inside and out. From rock pooling to pond dipping, learning about differnt types of poo, working with microscopes, identifying bugs, building wildlife gardens in schools and much much more. 

Inspiring people is important because they are our future guardians for wildlife. 


Legacy money has helped to continue to inspire people by:

  • Securing the Biodiversity Education post
  • Providing equipment, such as rock pool nets, buckets, binoculars, moth trap and soil testing kits
  • Providing education resourcing, such as display boards and leaflets
  • Enabling match funding with the Department of Education and Children and Department of Environment Food and Agriculture
  • Putting wildlife in its rightful place on the schools curriculum 
  • Allowing people to fully enjoy our Manx wildlife