The Trust’s Council of Trustees is elected by the members, at our Annual General Meeting, for a term of three years.

Five spot burnet moth. Andree DubbeldamThese are the people who are responsible for the control and management of the administration of the charity.  Their role is to support the Trust staff, set policy matters, oversee the financial status of the charity and to promote the Trust objectives far and wide.

A number of sub-committees oversee major areas of Trust work: education, finance , fundraising and development & research.

The Trust’s AGM is held each May or June and all members are welcome to attend.  We encourage our members to stand for Council too. So, if you could dedicate some time to helping the Trust, perhaps you have an expertise which could be helpful to us, then please contact us for more information:

Wildlife Limited is the trading arm of the Trust, a limited company set-up to run the Wildlife Shop. Profits from the shop are donated to the Trust.

Council of Trustees (from November 2016):

Chairman: Viv Davies
Treasurer: Paul Seaward
Secretary: Sally Bolton

Andrew Johnston
Jan Gledhill
Kim Etherton
Peter McAvoy
Neil Morris

Sub-Committee of Council:

Finance Chair: Paul Seaward
Fundraising Chair: Marianne Kerruish
Marine Chair: Jan Gledhill
Marketing Chair: Kim Etherton
Strategic Development and Research Chair: Viv Davies
Education Chair: Peter McAvoy

Directors of Wildlife Ltd:

Chairman: Richard Higgins
Treasurer: Paul Seaward
Secretary: Clare Bryan

Clive Alford
Felicity Cain
Rachel Hartnoll
Tim Graham