Dubs for Wildlife

Wildflowers of Mann's “Dubs for Wildlife” campaign aims to bring traditional Manx farm ponds back to life.

A pond in Smeale in the north of the Island, Lough Gat-y-Whing, has been the first pond to undergo restoration treatment. 

The work started in 2011 and is ongoing. When we started nearly the entire three acre pond was covered in dense willow scrub, with just a few areas of marsh remaining open.

Following the hard work of volunteers the majority of the pond is open again and there are many areas of permanent open water. Uncommon plants such as marsh St John’s wort that were last recorded on this site in the 1930’s have reappeared from a long dormant seed-bank.

Flocks of teal are using the pond in winter which in turn has attracted sparrowhawks and peregrine falcons.

It is hoped that the campaign can be extended in future to ensure more farm ponds in the north of the Island retain their vital and rare wildlife for future generations.

We are still actively seeking funding to progress and expand this vital campaign.  

Photos: Above left, cleared pond at Lough Gat-y-Whing; Above right, marsh St John's wort