Our Work

We work to protect the island's wildlife and habitats

As the island's leading nature conservation charity, we work hard to protection of our island's precious, unique environment, both on the land and in the seas that surround us.

Information stall at Tynwald. Andree DubbeldamEducation

We aim to inform and educate individuals, families, companies, landowners, politicians and government departments about the importance of our wildlife and natural habitats, and the urgent need to cherish and protect them.

Nature reserves 

We're landowners too, responsible for the maintenance of 24 of our own nature reserves across the island, promoting best practice with the help of a dedicated band of volunteers. We also work with other groups and individuals to help them manage their land for the benefit of wildlife.

8 of our 24 reserves are open to the public and we encourage locals and visitors alike to visit them and enjoy their tranquility and cherish the sights and sounds found on them.

Visitor centres

We also manage two Visitor Centres. Open during the summer, they contain lots of information about their surrounding areas and the Trust's work. 

Marine environment

Our marine team collects data on basking sharks and marine mammals in the waters around our island, logging sightings and promoting the importance of protection the animals and their environment.  This work includes the study the largest grey seal breeding colony in Manx waters, at the Calf of Man.

We work with the Manx Basking Shark Watch project, which carries out world-renowned, ground-breaking research into this endangered species and we assist Manx Whale & Dolphin Watch in their research of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

With our local Seasearch divers we collect information bout what lives beneath the waves surrounding our island.

We support the local fishing industry's efforts to become more sustainable, such as Marine Stewardship Accreditation of the Manx Queenie Fishery

Muckers making faggots at Close Sartfield.Wildflowers

We promote the protection of our flora too. From wildflowers to ancient woodlands, we study them and, through our own nursery, work to ensure species continue to thrive throughout the island.


We organise talks, walks and informative, fun events which are all open to members and non-members alike.  

Our education team provides environmental education to schools and raises awareness of the island's natural environment to through local community-based events.


Our team also carries out and promotes scientific research, offers ecological expertise and advice and takes action when wildlife sites or species are threatened.

We also work with and encourage the Isle of Man government to help bring about stronger protection and conservation measures for our wildlife and habitats, including supporting the setting-up of marine protected areas.

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Our work is funded through a number of sources including fundraising, membership, sponsorship, legacies and funding grants including the Manx Lottery Trust who have supported a number of our projects including the Ramsey Forest Project and Wildlife Counts.