Our Road Show has Seal Appeal

Wednesday 1st March 2017

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Every year Manx Wildlife Trust creates a travelling display packed with fun facts about wildlife. This year, it is all about our Island’s seals!

Seals are fun characters to watch, and many have seen them bobbing in the sea or splashing about on the coast. However, you may not know that seals are also important marine predators that help keep our marine ecosystems healthy. MWT’s road show has been designed to help all ages learn more about these adorable and important species that live around our Island.

Here are a few facts to whet your appetite:

  • Did you know that a seal can hold its breath under water for about 25 minutes?
  • Seals can sleep at sea holding their noses out of the water to breathe.
  • Seals can live to be 45 years old.

Be sure to visit the Road Show as it travels to a town near you from March to December to learn about the different seal species around the Island, the best spots to view seals, why they are important and need protection, lots of cute seal pup photos and more.

Dates and Locations

Friday, 17th-Friday, 31st March
Ramsey Town Hall, Ramsey

Monday, 17th April – Friday, 28th April
Onchan Library, Onchan

Monday, 1st May- Friday, 12th May
University College Isle of Man, Douglas

Monday, 15th May-Friday, 26th May
Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas

Monday, 29th May - Friday 9th June
Sea Terminal Building, Douglas

Monday, 26th June-Friday, 7th July
Castletown Town Hall, Castletown

Saturday, 22nd July to Sunday, 23rd July
Port Erin Beach and Sea Festival, Port Erin Beach

Monday, 24th July- Friday, 4th August
The Atrium at Ronaldsway Airport, Castletown

Monday, 7th August-Friday, 18th August
Curraghs Wildlife Park, Ballaugh

Bring the Road Show to You

If you would like to book the road show at your venue, free of charge, please contact Dawn Dickens for availability at dawn@manxwt.org.uk or (01624) 844432.

Please note that there is a 2-week minimum for bookings and the display must be kept indoors.

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