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Lough Gat-e-Whing

The reserve attracts a wide range of birds, including chiffchaff, willow warbler and water rail, plus butterflies, dragonflies and bats.  It has great potential for recolonisation by rare plant species previously present on the site.

Habitats: Grey willow-dominated curragh and areas of seasonally open water.

Notable species: Currently being catalogued but there are historical records of a number of rare plant species which it is hoped may return with appropriate management.

Description: Lough Gat-e-Whing was a small area of open water which, in the absence of management, gradually became infilled with floating mats of vegetation, this then allowed willow to take root. The area, under a canopy of willow, flooded in winter.

A new management plan is in place and recent work to remove willow has resulted in a some permanent standing water in a good part of the Lough

Many birds have been attracted to the site including chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, teal, wigeon, shoveler, coot, moorhen, water rail, grey wagtail, sparrowhawk and woodcock.

Common hawker and common darter dragonflies together with orange tip, green-veined white and speckled wood butterflies have been recorded on the site, as have three bat species: common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle and leisler's

New plants are showing in the margins and open water and many types of fungi are also starting to appear.

Management: Ultimately it is intended to have a number of habitats, including open water, shallow margins which partially dry out in summer, mature willow, coppiced willow and a strip of grassy bank.

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