A diverse range of meadow and wetland plants across ten meadows, two areas of curragh and a developing woodland area

Habitats: Hay meadows, marshy grassland, curragh and developing woodland.

Notable species: Notable flora includes common and heath-spotted orchid, northern marsh orchid, twayblade and yellow bartsia. Important fauna includes the Manx robber fly, hen harrier, curlew and corncrakes.

Description: The reserve is on the western fringe of the Ballaugh Curragh and is composed of twelve separate parcels of land. There are ten meadows and two areas of curragh (willow scrub) and developing woodland.

The flora comprises a diverse range of meadow and wetland plants including yellow rattle, purple loosestrife, eyebright, yellow iris and knapweed.

The fauna includes hare and the reserve is notable as the haunt of the Manx robber fly, the Latin name of which (Epitriptus cowinii) commemorates a former Manx naturalist, Mr W.S. Cowin. In 1999 and 2000, corncrake were observed on the reserve.

Management: The reserve is effectively divided by a track and the two blocks have been made stock proof by fencing.

Seven of the meadows are managed by a cut for hay in late summer, followed by winter grazing with sheep. The two areas of curragh are left to develop naturally into woodland. Two meadows, on the land purchased in 2008, are cut for hay but not grazed while the remaining field is managed by grazing with the local population of wallabies! Ditches are regularly cleared.

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