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Fell's Field

A wildflower meadow in the making, bound on three sides by Manx sod hedges

Habitat: Pastureland bound on 3 sides by Manx sod hedges topped by grey willow, blackthorn, elder and holly.

Description: An ambitious project was undertaken several years ago to create a wildflower meadow from this pastureland. Vegetation from four of the Close Sartfield nature reserve meadows was cut, baled immediately and unrolled at Fell's Field. The hay was cut quite late in the year, allowing as many plants as possible to flower and set seed. The immediate baling and unrolling, followed by three turnings, at Fell's Field allowed the seeds to fall, encouraging wildflower growth the following year. The hay was eventually rebaled and carted away.

The field has been fenced-off from right of access across its eastern edge and a hedge of native shrubs (hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn, elder, rose and rowan) planted.

Management: The meadow is cut for hay in late summer and then grazed over the winter months by sheep. An invasion of hogweed has significantly reduced the diversity of this field and numerous efforts have been made to try and get it under control including almost year round grazing.

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