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Dalby Mountain Fields

An upload reserve with a mosaic of habitats producing a tremendous diversity of native plant species

Habitats: Marshy grassland with acidic flushes, wet and dry heath and acidic grassland.

Notable species: Common and heath-spotted orchids, crowberry, cranberry and western gorse (a globally threatened / declining species).

Description: There is a mosaic of habitats in an upland situation, which support a tremendous diversity of species; over 100 plant species have been recorded in the fields of which over 96% are native to the Island.

Species typical of marshland include sedges, bog asphodel, cottongrass, devil's bit scabious, lousewort, marsh orchids, bogbean and willows. Round-leaved crowfoot grows in puddles. Bogbean is thought to be at its highest altitude on the island.

The wet areas are excellent for invertebrates and a survey of these is being carried out. The common frog is also present.

Bird species that have been recorded on the reserve include the skylark, curlew, swallow and meadow pipit.

Management: The two fields of this reserve form part of a large grazing block, which is grazed by a herd of cattle for much of the year. The cattle make regular but not prolonged forays into the reserve and their light grazing and trampling is ideal to maintain the diversity of species found on the site.

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