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Hay meadow passing into peat bog with a variety of plant species including orchids

Habitats: Semi-improved neutral grassland, marshy grassland/bog communities, bracken and curragh (willow scrub).

Notable species: Adder's tongue fern, moonwort, royal fern, common and heath-spotted orchids and twayblade orchid.

Description: The Trust acquired this meadow, which had not been managed for some time, to rescue it from being drained, rotovated and reseeded.

It was known to local naturalists as the Adder's Tongue Field, the only known spot in the Ballaugh Curragh where this fern was found.

Near the entrance the vegetation is hay meadow type, but towards the south the field passes into peat bog. A varied flora includes orchids, pignut, knapweed, tormentil, bog myrtle, bog asphodel and bogbean.

Management: When taken over by the Trust, the vegetation had become rank, with invading scrub threatening the future of the ferns, orchids and other species.

In the drier northern part of the reserve the scrub was cleared and the grassland is cut annually in October with the vegetation raked off by volunteers.

Since 2008 a further area has been managed in the same way.

Invading willow and birch is removed from the compartment between these two areas but is otherwise left to the wallabies resident in the Ballaugh Curragh.

The final compartment is the wettest and most bog-like and is largely left undisturbed.

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