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A mosaic of grassland, curragh and open meadow producing a diversity of species, where butterflies, beetles and spiders abound

Habitats: Hay meadow, marshy grassland, curragh (willow scrub) and developing aspen woodland.

Notable species: Marsh violet, common and heath-spotted orchids, royal fern and aspen (rare on the island).

The reserve has at least two notable beetles: Calodera riparia and Bibloplectus spinosis. The 200th species of Manx spider was recorded from this reserve in 1995.

Description: Comprising five individual unit, the reserve is within a designated site of special ecological importance for nature conservation.

There are three open meadows, an area of very rank grassland and curragh and an area which is a mosaic of managed grassland, rough grassland and curragh. Species diversity across the site has increased considerably since a regime of regular cutting and grazing was introduced.

The largest meadow is particularly attractive in late summer when it is blue with devil's bit scabious providing a valuable nectar source for peacock, red admiral, small tortoiseshell and painted lady butterflies.

Hen harrier, snipe, curlew, sparrowhawk, barn owl and moorhen have been recorded on the reserve.

Management: Prior to acquisition by the Trust, the fields purchased in 1994 had been neglected for some years and become dominated by tussocks of purple moor-grass and rushes.

For many years the two meadows on this part of the site were cut in late summer once the plants had flowered and set seed, and the vegetation raked off by volunteers. Finally, in 2008, hay was made on both meadows. The third field is left uncut for the benefit of invertebrates.

The land purchased in 2003 was similarly neglected and extensive work was undertaken to reinstate drainage ditches and construct boundary and internal fencing.

It is hoped that eventually the meadow here will be suitable for hay and diversity has improved tremendously. Common and heath-spotted orchids have both been recorded which is very encouraging.

On the remaining field an edge of managed grassland has been created bordering rank grassland and thence Curragh. The boundary of the reserve has been fenced to allow grazing by sheep over the whole or parts of the site.

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