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Ballamooar Meadow

A seasonally wet meadow and curragh, with more than 100 recorded plant species.

Habitats: Marshy grassland and curragh (willow scrub).


Notable species: Common and heath-spotted orchids, gipsywort and water plantain.


Description: The reserve forms part of a larger area of curragh associated with the major waterway of the Lhen Trench to the south.


This seasonally wet meadow includes an area of curragh on its eastern edge. Over 100 plant species have been recorded in this small reserve. Meadowsweet is dominant and red fescue is the main grass. Marsh marigold is evident in spring. A variety of interesting beetles are present.


Management: At the time of acquisition the site had not been managed for a number of years and the vegetation was becoming rank and quite species poor. The field has been cut annually in the late summer, once the plants have flowered and set seed, since 1998. This management has created a very diverse and attractive little meadow. The spread of willow is controlled.

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