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Thursday 5th March 2020

For some time, our team have been looking to reduce our carbon footprint and improve local air quality for the benefit of Manx wildlife and our global environment. The MWT team are required to travel to various parts of the Island, sometimes at short notice, in order to carry out their roles. This has made it necessary to often travel by car (although we would much rather use public transport!)

We are keen to avoid future use of petrol/diesel vehicles in our work travel and have managed to raise £15k towards the £30k* required to purchase an electric pool vehicle for MWT so we can attend work parties, events, meetings and presentations around the Island. Some of the funding sourced so far is time limited which means we are now desperately looking at options to raise the remaining £15k by the end of March and we need to ask for your help:

Can you help by organising a fundraiser for us?

Might your organisation be interested in full/part sponsoring the remaining cost in return for branding and a full corporate sponsorship package with MWT?

Do you know anything about electric vehicles and would be you able to help advise on the most cost-effective way to source and maintain the vehicle on Island?

Can you suggested other grants and funding sources that we might try?

If you think you can help in anyway please get in touch, either by calling 844 432 or emailing

Any help would be gratefully received and, if we can pull this off, we will be able to drastically reduce our own carbon footprint whilst sending a positive message out to many, paving the way for a more sustainable Isle of Man.

*£30k budget based on the purchase and maintenance of a new electric van, road tax, insurance, installation of charging station and livery.

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