DEFA approves our 'Isle of Man Endemic Flora Strategy’

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Isle of Man CabbageIsle of Man Cabbage

The strategy discusses the need to maintain conditions for natural evolution to cope with climate change by maintaining larger populations to preserve the full spectrum of genetic variability within a species. This should be done through ambitious landscape-scale conservation management.

The work was commissioned by DEFA as one small part of their biodiversity strategy.

The scope of the report was to look at endemic species in the Isle of Man and  endemic British species, for which the Isle of Man forms a part of their range. We also explore, more generally, the resilience of endemism as an ongoing evolutionary process.

Because the Isle of Man is such a young Island, very little real endemism (four un-named bramble micro-species that only have serial numbers M37, M38, M39 and M54) can be observed (in comparison with islands like the Canary Isles that has had seven millions years to evolve and has over a hundred unique species). However, what needs to be protected is the process, so that the Island’s species will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the Manx environment as it changes over the next century.

This is just one of many pieces of evidence showing that having larger, joined up, areas of wildlife habitat will create more resilient wildlife-rich areas. Our Ramsey Forest Project and our work in the Ballaugh Curragh are great examples where Manx Wildlife Trust are already pursuing this landscape vision.

We look forward with anticipation to see how the Isle of Man Government will shape policy with a new agriculture support scheme and their Biosphere initiative and how these work into their commitments to the Convention on Biodiversity.


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