Do you know how to behave around wildlife?

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Wildlife Code of ConductWildlife Code of Conduct

Two members of the MWT team were today called to a seal pup hauled up on Fenella Beach in Peel. Fortunately, the pup was fine and patiently waiting for mum to return. However, many people do not realise that just by being too close to 'get a good look' they are endangering the seal pup. If it becomes stressed by people nearby it will attempt to return to the water where it could get hurt in the stormy sea.

At this time of year lots of seal pups will be hauling up on land to wait while mum forages and hunts for food. They can sometimes be gone for hours. So, it's especially important to be careful around the coast at the moment.

Manx Willdife Trust have produced three Codes of Conduct for general wildlife, seals at sea and seals on land to help people understand how to behave around our Island's wildlife.

The guides are simple to understand and give guidance on the do's & dont's and who to contact if you see someone disturbing widlife. Sometimes, just by being present we can put many animals off normal behaviour which can affect their survival and their chances of breeding success. 

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the PDF guides at the bottom of this page and share them with anyone you think may potentially get close to wildlfe on the Isle of Man. Our seal population will thank you for it.


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