Heavy losses of seal pups on the Calf of Man

Friday 20th October 2017

Grey seal pupGrey seal pup. Hayden Bridgeman

48% suspected loss of seal pups on the Calf of Man after Ophelia hit earlier this week.

The seal volunteers, Hayden and Jamie, have reported heavy losses of seal pups on the Calf this year. It is estimated a loss of 48%. Before Ophelia hit we had 42 pups and after the storm 22 were counted. They have yet to be accounted for. Another pup has since been born so we have 23 pups on the Calf now. This is the worse mortality reported on the Calf since the surveys began in 2009. The next worse year was 2014 where we lost 8 of the 52 pups. So its a massive drop in numbers. Thankfully there is still time for more pups to be born and hopefully the windy weather will keep at bay.