Wave Goodbye to Waste, Say Hello to Wildlife

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Manx Wildlife Trust want to see simple steps like a Voluntary Plastic Bag Levy to help stop the plastic threats to our marine life. Wildlife Gift Shop in Peel is also getting in on the action, and will be giving away specially designed REUSABLE COTTON bags when customers spend £10 or more on their fantastic range of merchandise.

Marine plastics are a growing threat facing our oceans. Plastic is so harmful because it takes up to 100 years to decompose and many plastics simply break down into smaller pieces of plastic that plague our oceans for centuries. 

The designed bag is intended to be reusable and highlight the need to rethink our use of plastics and generating waste. The campaign and design, supported by Colas (IoM) Ltd, was part of a competition for school children to design it. The amazing winning design was created by Martha Done, and says “Wave Goodbye to Waste, Say Hello to Wildlife”.

This is a great way that our fantastic shop in Peel with the best range of gifts, binoculars and guides can really help take part to show how we can all take small steps to help stop plastic waste. With Martha’s help, we’re encouraging everyone to use reusable bags whenever they go shopping – and hopefully we can see a voluntary plastic bag levy to help our biosphere.” Says Tim Graham a Director of the Wildlife Shop and CEO of Manx Wildlife Trust.

Did you know?

  • The average family uses 300 plastic shopping bags per year;
  • The vast majority of which are only used once; and
  • Plastic is the most common form of litter found on beaches;
  • Over 180 species of animals globally, such as birds, mammals, fish and invertebrates, are known to have ingested some form of plastic; and
  • More than 145 species of marine animals globally have been reported entangled in marine litter.

Manx Wildlife Trust has long been in favour of introducing similar type bans to those found in other nations. A Plastic Bag Levy here on the Isle of Man will help to protect our important marine life and play our role in protecting what is a shared sea, the Irish Sea.

MWT’s Marine Officer, Lara Howe, said, “Discarded plastic, single-use carrier bags, old fishing line and rope – all of this litter is unsightly on our beautiful beaches and it’s also hurting our wildlife and potentially damaging our own health too. This is a great way for everyone to take a step in reducing plastic.

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