Take the Challenge: Do something Wild every day for the month of June

Thursday 18th May 2017

30 Days Wild

This June, We're asking everyone do something wild every day for a month. The challenge is simple and designed to delight: make room for nature - no matter where you are or how busy your life.

We are taking the challenge, join us and make June the month when you do something wild every day – and let us motivate you! 

25,000 people signed up last year, so help us beat that in 2017 and do something wild every day for 30 days. This year we have created three special wild packs to help individuals, schools and businesses get involved. Sign up here for your free pack. You can also download the free 30 Days Wild App to help inspire you throughout June.

Share your progress and ideas using #30DaysWild or share on our Facebook page and Twitter tagging @manxnature. People who sign up can also take a wildness quiz, which has been developed with the University of Derby to measure people’s connection to nature, happiness and their pro-nature behaviour before and after the month.

We've put together our top Manx Random Acts of Wildness to get you started!

01 Spot a wild mammal: Head to the coast and see what marine mammals you might see. Use our Marine Scene Viewing Sites to search for dolphins, porpoises basking sharks, and more! 16 Have lunch in the wild: Find a natural space near your home, office or school- a patch of grass or a spot by the sea, it does not matter where, just get outdoors!
02 Follow your wild senses: Bored between TT races? Feel your way along a cotton grass moorland! You can find them all over the Island, but check out those near Mountain Box. 17 Take action for wildlife: Join us, volunteer or donate to support our conservation work to protect wildlife and the environment on the Isle of Man.
03 Explore somewhere wild: Somewhere you have never been before; check out one of our reserves, like Earystane (Colby), or pick one near you. 18 Encourage wild at work: Freshen up your work week, move your meeting outdoors.
04 Dangle your feet in wild water: Head to the beach, perhaps at Peel Harbour and dip your toes in the sea. Stop by Market Place and visit the Wildlife Shop for a gift while you are there. 19 Learn about Manx Wildlife: Visit our Seal Appeal Roadshow around the island this June
05 Go green: Give up plastic bags for the day and think about the wildlife you could be saving. 20 Work out with nature: Move your training outdoors; go for a jog, walk or do some gardening. Get in touch with nature.
06 Spot a wild bird: Head to the back of Peel hill in search of puffins (or maybe the Calf of Man in years to come). 21 Get out and get wild: Come along to any number of our events during June and experience the great Manx outdoors!
07 Start a wild adventure: Take a boat ride and look for basking sharks. Make it happen. 22 Follow your wild senses: Sniff your way along a hedgerow to find the honeysuckle and meadowsweet. This time of year, you cannot miss it, but try around the Curraghs in Ballaugh.
08 Keep a note of wildlife: Whilst watching the TT races note down what you see or take a photo and share it with us on facebook or twitter 23 Clean up the wild: Pick up litter as you pass by, or join a beach clean. Check out the Beach Buddies Facebook page and see what beach cleans may be happening near you.
09 Explore somewhere wild: Visit your local rock pools and count how many animals and plants you can find. Check out these rock pool tips. 24 Snap a wild photo: Find your favourite wild place on the Island or even take a wild photo every day of June. Share it and showcase your skills!
10 Keep a note of wildlife: Whilst out enjoying the outdoors, note down any invasive species you might find, both marine and terrestrial. 25 Think before you buy: Buy one new eco-friendly cleaning or cosmetic product this week. Many cosmetics, such as face washes contain microplastics, which can harm wildlife.
11 Write to your MHK: Choose an issue that really matters to you, such as single use carrier bags, and share it with your MHK. 26 Get out and get wild: Volunteer with our Reserves Officer for Midweek Muckers. Get hands on and practical taking care of our nature reserves
12 Encourage wildlife at home: Put up bug feeders in your garden and then wait to see what visits. 27 Get your nose to the ground: Lie on a patch of grass and look for bugs
13 Clean up the wild: Having a picnic during the TT races? Don’t be a litter bug, pick up your rubbish! Not only can it blow onto the track, but it can also harm our wildlife. 28 Look to the skies: Go down at dusk to any glen, Poyll Dooey nature trail or even by the Pulrose bridge, look up at a clear patch of sky between the trees and bat watch
14 Ditch your disposable: Save the world one sip at a time- buy a reusable coffee cup or water bottle and reduce your waste. 29 Jump to it: Head to Derbyhaven and try to spot the rare lesser-mottled grasshopper. This species is common in the Mediterranean, but the Isle of Man is the only recorded sighting in the British Isles!
15 Explore somewhere wild: Somewhere you have never been before, maybe the Ayres or Dalby Mountain Moorland Reserve. 30 Follow your wild senses: During TT, wait for the roar of the bikes to calm down and listen closely for bird song. Up around the mountain listen for the chirp of a chiffchaff


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