Ecologically produced willow and wattle for sale

Monday 12th March 2018

Sustainably sourced willow and wattle for sale, with proceeds funding further wildlife conservation.

As part of the sustainable management of our Close Sartfield nature reserve, Midweek Muckers have begun coppicing to stimulate growth of trees on site. Nothing goes to waste, Midweek Muckers are creating wattle panels and willow bundles, both of which are available for purchase.

The largest wattle are approximately 2m wide and 1-1.2m high and cost £15.00. Other sizes can be made as a special order and prices will vary accordingly. These are ideal for hiding oil tanks etc. and providing a natural windbreak or framework to let other plants grow up.

Bundles of small willow are also available at £3.50, which make excellent packing for horse jumps. Willow is also great for gardening or crafts like pea sticks.

All proceeds will go directly back into funding conservation work for wildlife on the Island.

For further information and orders, please contact the Reserves Officer on 844432 or



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